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Brandon Blackwood's tattoos, featuring color realism, black and grey realism, and color fusion.


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Blackwood specializes in realism black and white tattoos and color fusion pieces. His style blends skulls and animals with human faces and other natural elements, with a little bit of an illustrative edge. 


His favorite subjects to tattoo include: 

  • Animals

  • Flowers

  • Skulls

  • Creepy portraits

  • Anatomical hearts

  • Horror movie film collages

  • Coverups


Blackwood's minimum is $900. Most of his pieces are 2 or more sessions. For more accurate pricing, fill out a consult form on his website. Check out his available premade tattoo designs for discounted rates.



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Tyranicorn specializes in neo traditional and watercolor tattoos using a rainbow color pallet. Her style blends thick, bold, black linework; color realism; and bright, fun, colorful backgrounds.


Her favorite subjects to tattoo include: 

  • Anime, cartoon, and video game characters

  • Fantasy critters and creatures

  • Glitter tattoos

  • Paint splatter, watercolor, and tie dye

  • Cutesy girly designs

  • Nature (mushrooms, crystals, flowers, and leaves)

  • Outer space and galaxy

Tyranicorn has over 500 premade/predrawn tattoo designs and flash tattoos available, starting at $100, on her website. For custom tattoo rates, please fill out a consult form on her website.

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