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Tattoo Supplies

How do I book a tattoo with one of your artists?

Filling out a consultation form for the artist of your choice is the best way to start a tattoo consultation at our shop. Our consultations are free and hosted online. Our artists will communicate with you via email because it is the most effective way for us to keep all our requests in one place. The email thread / back and forth we have online is considered our "consultation process." From our discussions, we will set up a date and time for your tattoo appointment that works for the both of us. Some of our artists take tattoo deposits in order to book appointments. Please read each artist's FAQ section of their website for more information.

Do you offer in-person tattoo consultations?

Our artists use online consultation forms to speed up the tattoo appointment and booking process. We do not want to have to have you drive in (or fly in) from other areas, if unnecessary. By being thorough and sending multiple reference photos and detailed description of what you want in a tattoo, we can create a design we both will be excited for. Email communication allows us to ask the appropriate questions about your tattoo and keep track of responses in one place, so nothing is missed or forgotten. Our goal is to make your dream tattoo come true.

On rare occasion, usually only for large-scale projects (cover ups, sleeves, backpieces, and full body suits), we may need to have a collaborative in-person session prior to designing your tattoo so we can capture images, discuss what you want where, and write notes. Those will be done on an as-needed basis and communicated in advance by your artist.

If you are worried about sending a deposit to one of our artists in advance, please mention that in your back and forth email. We will be able to work with you on a case-by-case basis for your comfort level.

Do you accept walk-ins? Can I stop by and get an in-person consultation?

We are by appointment only. We may have same-day availability. Give us a call to see what our availability is: (608) 819-82870. If you want to guarantee an appointment with us, please fill out a free, online consultation form and set up an appointment with your artist of choice in advance. If we need to bring you in for an in-person consultation, that will be communicated via email.

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