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Random Things to Consider Before Getting a New Tattoo

Updated: Apr 1

Getting a new tattoo can be a thrilling whirlwind of emotions. Here are some random things to consider before sending a consult form to book your next tattoo.

  1. Plan around vacations and travel plans. - If you travel a lot for work; plan on going to a tropical vacation near a beach or ocean; or will be outside hiking through the mountains, you will not want to be healing a fresh tattoo. Trust us, healing your tattoo at a music festival is not the move. Make sure to give yourself 2-3 weeks of "heal time" before your trip.

  2. Take a break from extensive workouts. - If you are a sports player, body builder, or fighter, you won't want to injure your new tattoo. Plan on getting tattoos when you will have at least 2 weeks of rest and relaxation.

  3. No submerging yourself in water! - As fun as it is to go swimming in pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans, it's not safe or sanitary to do so with an open wound. Your tattoo needs at least 3-4 weeks of heal time before it can be submerged in water. Yes, that also applies to baths and hot tubs! We don't want any foreign bacteria to get inside your skin/blood stream or for any infections to occur!

  4. Avoid the sun like the plague. - Sun exposure will naturally fade tattoos. We also cannot tattoo sunburnt skin! Do not go tanning (or spray tanning) immediately before or after getting tattooed. Be sure to give yourself plenty of heal time (2-3 weeks) before applying sunscreen or tanning oils. Wearing sunscreen regularly on your tattooed bits protects them from the sun's harmful rays and keeps your tattoos looking fresh for years to come.

  5. You're gonna be hairy for a bit. - Do not shave, sugar, wax, or use laser hair removal on your tattoo or surrounding area until your tattoo is completely healed. Ripping out hair from your open wound, no matter the process, won't feel good and won't heal good. Just don't do it. Reserve at least 3-4 weeks, when your tattoo is no longer peeling, before going back to your regular maintenance schedule.

  6. Adult beverages can wait a day or two. - We tattoo a lot of "college kids." As awesome as it sounds to get invited to the frat party, or the football tailgate, that is no place for a new tattoo. Wait 48-72 hours before going on a bender. It is standard for plasma and blood to ooze 48 hours after getting a tattoo (that's why your wrap gets ink sacks). However, alcohol will act as a blood thinner and increase the bleeding rate. Excessive bleeding may lead to bigger problems.

  7. Blood and plasma donations will be placed on hold. - It's awesome to donate blood and plasma to help save lives! Unfortunately, there are some rules involved in giving. According to the American Red Cross, there is a 3 month waiting period before donating blood. According to BioLife Plasma Services, there is a 4 month waiting period before donating plasma for tattoos done within the United States. For recent tattoos that occurred outside the United States, your eligibility to donate may be affected for a 12 month period.

If all of this works for you, it works for us! We would love to see what ideas you have for your next tattoo design. Send us a consult form when you're ready to get in the chair! Make sure to have your list of dates ready at least 3 weeks before any vacations, and at least a few days before any crazy celebrations or festivities.


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