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A Dead Anchor

Tattoo Studio | Madison, WI


Brandon Blackwood's tattoos, featuring color realism, black and grey realism, and color fusion tattoos.




Which artist is the best fit for you?

Blackwood specializes in black and grey tattoos, realism tattoos, and color fusion tattoos. He loves to tattoo skulls, flowers (especially roses), animals, and portraits. Blackwood does mostly large-scale projects (arm sleeves, leg sleeves, forearm tattoos, thigh tattoos, back tattoos) with multiple sessions. Your custom tattoo design will be made day-of-appointment, in person at the shop.

Tyranicorn specializes in watercolor tattoos, neo traditional tattoos, color realism tattoos, and glitter tattoo styles. She loves to tattoo cartoon characters, paw prints, fantasy critters and creatures, witchy things, animals, and flowers, and galaxy and space subject matter. Tyranicorn is best for small, medium, or large-scale projects. Her large and XL projects are broken into multiple sessions.


About Us

Our artists specialize in custom tattoos that are exclusive to our clients. Each artist has their own individual style that makes them unique.

We strive to bring you the highest standards in tattoo procedures while also providing you with a fun-filled atmosphere. We are a private tattoo studio located in Madison, WI between UW-Madison campus, Edgewood, and the zoo. Our services are by appointment only. In rare cases we may have same day availability. To guarantee working with one of our artists, please fill out a consultation form on their respective website.


Check out our portfolios to see which artist will be the best fit for your tattoo project.

What makes A Dead Anchor Tattoo different?

A Dead Anchor is a private, custom tattoo studio that is by appointment only. Each artist at our shop specializes in tattoo styles that best fit them. We pour our heart and soul into every piece we do, that's why we only take requests that inspire us. We want to give you our full attention. During our sessions, we prioritize tattooing and connecting rather than answering phone calls.


We love to share stories, chat about our experiences, and build friendships with our clients. If you are shy, or have a bit of social anxiety, you won't offend us! We are more than happy to accommodate to meet your comfort level. In these cases, we recommend bringing headphones so that you can tune into your own music, movie, or show. 

How do I book a tattoo with one of your artists?

Filling out a consultation form for the artist of your choice is the best way to start a tattoo consultation at our shop. Our consultations are free and hosted online. Our artists will communicate with you via email because it is the most effective way for us to keep all our requests in one place.


We understand busy schedules and limited availability, so we will work with you to set up a date and time that works for your schedule and ours. Some of our artists take tattoo deposits to book appointments. Please read each artist's FAQ section of their website for more information.

 A Dead Anchor Tattoo & Piercing • 1925 Monroe St, Madison, WI Downstairs • (608) 819-8287

All images are property of A Dead Anchor Tattoo & Piercing and may not be used without written permission.

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